Monday, December 31, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 61

Episode 61 – December 30 – Another Sunday. These are always the slowest days around and tend to drag on the longest. For some reason they seem even longer than Saturdays. Yes, Kris, there really is something in a Sunday. I really shouldn’t have posted this link because I found myself singing along with it. At least, at home or in the crowd I can belt out his songs. The funny thing listening to this song it reminded me something I missed from long ago. Since moving to North Vancouver, I have not heard the sound of church bells on Sunday morning. I remember growing and always hearing the bells coming from Our Lady of Sorrows. Jen Jen, I may have to borrow your new/old clock.
I am definitely sleeping better with the combination of a much quieter room and being able to sleep on my side with my legs curled up a bit.
Layla is back again today and that’s a good thing.
Looking at myself in the mirror while shaving, I have come to the conclusion that I’m in dire need of a haircut as well as a pedicure. My eyebrows desperately need clipping; I’m beginning to look a lot like Andy Rooney. I’d also swear that the hair on my legs is getting longer and thicker. A spa day may need to be in order. And I think I’ve even earned a facial after all this.
Doing some statistical analysis, I have figured out that my followers are almost as pathetic as me when it comes to night life. It seems that the highest page visits during the week are on Saturday. Interesting though, the lowest day seems to be Friday. I will respect all of you more if you tell that you partied so hard Friday nights you are too hung-over to do it all again Saturday night.
I almost made a terrible fashion faux pas today and I have to at least partially Layla. They were out of larger sized gowns when I washed up this morning. The horror! The horror! I would be wearing the same outfit two days in a row. People will think I slept in my Saturday night clothes. Luckily, Layla was able to find a new one before company arrived.
My company was my good friends, Scott and Lorraine. They came by this afternoon bearing more goodies! Muffins! They took me downstairs again to the cafeteria for a cappuccino. We had a great visit, yakking about everything. 
I’m sure glad Layla was around to supervise my wheelchair transfers today over a less confident nurse or one who is more by-the-book who probably would have freaked out because to and from the bed at one point I was full weight bearing on my right foot without braces. This is supposed to be a no-no. Layla alos made sure I was upgraded on my chart to “Stand-by” as opposed to “one person assist” on my transfers. This means the nurse or physio is just there to supervise my swan-like bed hopping. At one point, I was rated as “four person assist” with the overhead lift.
I have come to the conclusion that the bed scale is totally effed up. Layla weighed me again and it had me down 36 kilos from the maximum reading and 31 down from the figure last week. I could only wish.
Layla and I had both forgotten to check my blood sugar before breakfast so we thought we would do it before dinner. When she came in to do it, I spoke loudly “If the reading is way off, blame Edna and daughter. It’s their fault!” I was actually referring to Carol who kept bringing me over the Cookies by George but her other daughter, Janet was here at the time and totally out of the loop on the joke but had a good laugh when she realized what was going on. The reading happened to be 4.9. So Layla  exclaimed “Quick get Dennis another  cookie!”
Dinner came and because I missed the dinner fairy, I got roast beef. I hadn’t had beef that tender since Panama last February. In other words, I could just as well be chewing on my flip flops. I had to saw through it rather than just cut it. Poor Edna, with her broken wing, she would have had no luck at all even with her daughter helping. They ended up just giving up. The calories I burned up just cutting and chewing earned me a muffin.
Once again I must reiterate that semi-private is truly an oxymoron. Nothing is really confidential in this room. I hear everything that goes on with Edna and the converse is the same. I am lucky that she has such a friendly family but they have to stop tempting me with all those cookies and beer. And turns out that Edna’s granddaughter, Kim’s aunt is my friend and co-worker, Trish. Another small world moment.
*Lorraine’s going to haunt me again for that link* ;-)
Finished off one of my berry muffins and hit the sack.
To be continued...

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