Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 56

Episode 56 – December 25 – Yes, everyone today was Christmas and I hope you all had a joyous day with your family and friends.
Just like every other Christmas I was up too early but at least I wasn’t scurrying around the kitchen at some ungodly hour. I was always the first one up.
I thought with the big turkey feed and the sleeping pill I’d be gone for awhile. The great thing is I got to do my leg exercises with bare legs and it felt so good. And the view from here is so Christmas-y with fresh snow on the mountains.
Well one lucky streak has ended. The fire alarm went off at Evergreen and it’s been quiet for a few weeks.  This of course, means that my other winning streak is about to end and a banana is going to end up on my tray soon.
Barb is my day nurse and she has Sam and Esther helping out so it’s all good. Still seems silly that they don’t have a nurses’ aide on holidays. This would be the kind of day they need because most patients on the floor require much more attention. Barb spent two hours washing up her other patients and she was grateful that I was able to wash myself.
The regular floor nurses were for some reason overly busy so the weekend floor manager, Liz, not to be confused the weekday floor manager, Liz, answered my call bell. I’ll give her credit when she didn’t just delegate the job to someone else. She started to prepare and even when Esther came in she was willing to continue but let Esther take over.
Last night, the evening nurses had a bit of a potluck dinner and Denise was thoughtful enough to stash some goodies away for me in the medication fridge. So I supplemented my lunch with sushi and chicken curry.
The Crown Prince showed up and was followed shortly by Mom and my sister, Kathy.
Just after mom arrived, my friend and co-worker, Ed appeared with his wife, Lois.
And the best part is that they all came bearing gifts and goodies! I’m such a spoiled little boy! Thank you, everyone for helping make the best of a bad thing!
At one point when you included Edna’s visitors I’m sure we were violating some sort of fire code bylaw.
After everyone cleared out I laid back for a bit and then got into my exercise routine that included working out my newly liberated legs. By the way, they are still shedding worse than Nala used to. Next time I do something stupid like this remind me to wax first
.I think next year, I’m going to find a better travel agent and look into spending Christmas at a snowy ski lodge or somewhere tropical. I’m definitely firing the last guy. He sold me a real nasty bill of goods when he booked me into here.
Santa Andy struck again. This time instead of sending one of his elves, he personally delivered another turkey dinner. Because I was still full from lunch I decided to eat the mediocre turkey dinner sent up from the bowels of this institution and save the good one for tomorrow. I will eat well on Boxing Day. I am now going to tell all of you a secret about Andy that he will probably kill me for. He is actually a very n*** guy and has a heart of gold. Thanks Andy, I owe you big time but hopefully I will not have to repay your generous deed under similar conditions but under much more pleasant circumstances.
It seems I’ve also become the go to guy for the wireless around here. The nurses just bring family members to me to fill them in on how the system works and the costs. I don’t at all mind helping out and my fees are quite reasonable.
Denise is my night nurse tonight and hopefully this will be her last turn as my nurse which is very likely. She’s great nurse but she’s off on two weeks holidays and I will likely be either out of here or down on the fifth floor in the rehab wing.
Rosita who hasn’t been my nurse for a few weeks, slipped in and snuck me a few homemade shrimp spring rolls that went with my orange and one of Pam’s brownies for my late evening snack.
Speaking of Pam’s chocolate goodies, I thought I had a disaster on my hands. While putting on my bipap mask, I managed to knock the tin they were in, onto the floor and it flipped upside down. I had to get one of the nurses to retrieve it for me and the good news is that were wedged into the tin enough that they defied gravity. (No Marla, I’m not going to link the song again. Oh hell, why not I love “Wicked”)
To be continued...

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