Thursday, December 27, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 57

Episode 57 – December 26 – Today is Boxing Day in Commonwealth countries. I would like to explain its origins to my American followers but that’s a bit cloudy. These days it has become a shopping frenzy where retailers try to dump the stock they weren’t able to move and morons line up all night outside electronic stores to buy outdated devices at prices that their next generation will be available within four months.
This also starts the ninth week of my incarceration.
Barb is my day nurse again today. While checking my vitals she mumbled something to the effect of “This has been the weirdest Christmas ever”.’re telling me this. I have also pretty much given up on convincing her to call me Dennis.
This was one of these days where the boredom really sets in. I find that I can find myself even too bored to read, write or even watch a video. This happens even sometimes at home but I least I can change my scenery. Weekends and holidays suck especially when you have a tediously slow nurse. You are constantly waiting for even the smallest things.
A good example today was getting into my wheelchair today. Barb came in at 11:50 and asked me if I wanted to get up in my chair. At that time, Ruby was there to assist. Because I hadn’t been in the chair since the brace order had been changed so I asked if they needed to be put back. They both went off to re-read the order and to get the chair. They were gone for at least five minutes meanwhile I got organized to move. Then Barb came back and got the bed moved over and the sling put underneath me. She then went off to find Ruby. The problem is that every time a nurse leaves a room she gets distracted by another nurse or patient and delays the process. By the time, both of them were back for the lift it was 12:20.
While the transfer was going on the food service dude arrived with my lunch tray. He had no access to my overbed table which was stuck in the corner of the room and my laptop and other stuff were piled up on it. Barb told him to hold on a few minutes. When he asked where should he put it my patience was already at the breaking point and I just snapped “Figure it out”. Barb smiled and looked at me and said “I’m glad you finally said it. I have been wanting to say that to those guys for a long time.” The simple solution was just go do the other rooms in the row first and bring the wagon back thirty feet and do our room.
I had Ruby do one more favour and that was to fetch the sushi Ed and Lois had brought me from the patient fridge and to check the medication fridge because Denise had told me last night she was going to leave me some more munchies . I was able to supplement my chicken salad sandwich and Italian vegetable soup with cocktail shrimp, Rosita’s spring rolls and California rolls. Thanks Ed, Lois, Denise and Rosita!
It was much more pleasant being in the chair without the braces. I was able to bend them quite a bit more than even in the bed and it also relieved the pressure on my coccyx. I was also able to cross my feet and even get a glimpse of the bottom of them. This is when I discovered that they were in even worse shape than the tops. The calluses were breaking up and peeling around the edges. The aesthetician who gives me my next pedicure is going to get a big tip and she is going to earn it.
The little Iranian cleaning lady is driving me nuts. Rather doing everything at once she is in and out of the room constantly and of course like everyone else here she will move curtains to do something and leave them where there are. Do they leave their front door open at home?
Well, the physios didn’t show up again today. Realistically, the biggest problem about being here over Christmas and New Year’s is that this is my most crucial time for therapy. I walked on Friday, nothing Saturday, stood a bit and walked a tiny bit on Sunday, walked on Monday, nothing for two days and supposedly will get therapy on Thursday and Friday then were back to the weekend and another day off on Tuesday. With a good run of consecutive days of therapy I could at least be able to walk a little with a walker on my own and then I could be well on my way.
Without the braces the flexibility in my knees is improving but I’m just shy of being able to apply the cream on my snakeskin.
 Edna’s daughter, Carol and her husband, Terry came in to check on her and Terry stopped at my bed and pulled a Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale out his pocket and handed it to me. I originally turned it down but he told me to keep it for the future if I didn’t want it now. I was in the middle of my arm workout so I put it on the bed beside me. As I was doing my exercises, I could feel the cold can on my hip through the bedsheet. I finally gave in and when Terry heard that distinctive sound of the pop top, he came over and pulled my curtain across so I was out of view of the nurse’s station. I normally don’t drink beer but I do enjoy one occasionally. This one tasted so good! And it hardly affected my pre-dinner glucose count at 6.3.
Demetrios was my night nurse. Although it was the first time I’ve been one of his patients, I’ve worked with several times as part of the team and he is quite good at his job.
As per my usual routine, the night was completed with an orange, a chocolate goodie and a blue pill.
To be continued...

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