Friday, December 28, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 58

Episode 58 – December 27 – I did something I haven’t done in over 8 weeks, I slept on my side with my legs partially curled. It felt so much more natural than the way I’ve been sleeping for all this stay; flat on my back with my legs locked straight out. I woke up with a few different old guy aches and  pains but I worked those out quickly. And I’m expecting a thank you note from my butt for giving it a few hours rest.
My nurse for the day was Cecelie who is very much on the ball. I may have spoke of her before. She and her husband moved to Shanghai to work and as a way to see the world and she’s back home on a working holiday.
Once again, I would like to point out that my main purpose in writing this journal is not to elicit sympathy but more for my own therapy. In the process, I have shared my feelings both positive and negative. In doing so, I have always hoped to bring you a few smiles, a few tears and a few giggles. I was reminded once again last night that my ordeal is just a temporary setback when I received a note from a friend about a family member who has also been hospitalized for almost the same amount of time as me but with a much less optimistic outlook. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.
Yesterday was Wednesday and normally it is my regular shower day but because of lack of staff on a holiday it got postponed until today. Cecelie had the nurses’ aide, Jane go upstairs for the shower stretcher. Neither Cecelie or Jane had done my shower before and Cecelie did not realize that moving me would take two people but we figured out that Cecelie wouldn’t be necessary for the actual washing just to help push the stretcher to and from. The big change for the trip today was that I suggested that if we got the bed higher than the stretcher I could probably do the transfer without the overhead lift. I was more than successful and did not require any assistance at all back and forth. It was also great being able to sit up on the trolley and wash myself.
When I’m finished my shower and I’ve been for the most dried off with towels, the procedure is to wrap my body in a couple of warmed up flannel sheets so it looks like a shroud and I have a towel on my head the help dry off my hair. I always have the urge to pull the towel over my face while in the elevator and then pop my head up at the right time and freak out someone passing by. I am a very sick and twisted man. Hee hee!
I do not know how it took me so long and if you know me and my clumsiness you would be wondering the same but after 58 days I finally did it but it did take some help from Cecelie. After getting back into bed I was reaching out to roll my bedside table closer and she saw and tried to help. We managed to knock a partially full urinal bottle onto the floor. It may have been the first time but I’m sure I am quite capable of doing it one or two times more.
I received a professional visit today from the charge nurse on the rehab floor, Katha, who needed some more information about my general health and then informed me that I should be transferred down to the rehab floor by the end of the weekend. . Maeve the OT came in and got some more details about my townhouse layout. On the rehab floor, I will be getting much more intense and consistent physiotherapy. I can’t wait to abuse my body more. I’m such a masochist. We are moving in the right direction.
Dad and Betty came by just before lunch and beefed up my mandarin orange supply. I better get out of here soon. The supply of the actual Japanese ones should be just about depleted in the stores. And before you ask they, no, they did not bring up another milkshake. They did bring me the latest issue of Liverpool FC and he brought me up to date about his younger brother.  And of course, we talked about the big Notre Dame/Alabama game coming on January 7. That was my new goal for a release date because I so want to watch that on my big screen at home but because of all the lost therapy time over the holidays I’m betting it’s going to be at least the end of the week.
I was almost beginning to think that I wasn’t going get any therapy today and likely wouldn’t have if I didn’t ask about it. The physio on my side of the floor only worked a half day but Jennifer who  had been treating me originally came over from the other side and got me up in the walker or actually for the most part I got myself up in the walker and I ended walking about twice as far as Monday and I made a point of not letting Jennifer or assistant help get back in bed. Even Jennifer who had been working with me since the beginning was amazed at the progress I’ve made since last week. The only thing she helped with is taking off my socks and braces. The non-slip socks are provided by the hospital so I’d to thank you all once again for paying your taxes. I love socialized medicine! Actually, I think the hospital also provides them provides them as a cheap way to polish the floor because most patients shuffle not walk.
I have become so used to the call bell ringing all the time; I’m tempted to hit my button when it isn’t ringing. ;-)
I’m so glad I decided to hold off eating the turkey dinner Santa Andy brought me Christmas night. There was only one entree choice tonight, baked chicken. My plate arrive beige again; chicken with gravy, cauliflower and mashed potatoes. On the other hand, the turkey dinner was delicious and plentiful. It smelled so tasty the nurses in the hall could pick up the scent. Thank you again, Andy!!
I found a new pastime...I use my reacher to draw pictures scratching the dead skin on my feet.  Ewwww!!! ;-)
A friend posted a clip of Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart performing “Stairway to Heaven” at the Kennedy Center Honours Gala paying tribute to Led Zeppelin one of this year’s recipients. I made a point of rewatching it a couple times. Click here for the link. The arrangement is fabulous.
Esther was my night nurse tonight for what could be for the last time if I move downstairs in the next few days.
Just before retiring for the evening at 10:30, the Code Red signal went off again in Evergreen. I was always a bit skeptical about the cause but I confirmed it from Edna’s granddaughter who works there it really it someone burning toast or leaving things in the microwave.
To be continued...

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