Friday, December 14, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 44

Episode 44 –  December 13– Last night was one of those nights where I got an incredible sleep. I went down just after 10 and I woke up thinking it was the middle of the night and it was already 6 AM.
After my first round of exercises, Felly came in anticipating my need for my morning Benadryl fix.
She also checked my blood sugar and the reading was 6.2 which was the highest reading in a week so it looks like that part is working well.
Layla was my nurse again today and she is absolutely hilarious. Of course we play off each other and everyone else in the room keeps trying to figure out why there’s a party going on around bed four. Yesterday, she came in with a cup of ice water and asked me if I would like some. So I pointed to the two cardboard urinal bottles on my bed table and said “I’ll trade you two used water for one new one.” She answered, “Sure, that sounds like a fair trade.” I looked at her with one eyebrow raised and said “Please don’t volunteer to negotiate my negotiate my next contract.” ;-)
One my little frustrations with the ice water can be the bendy straw that comes with it. Occasionally they develop a minute crack in them and all you end up doing is sucking air with a few drops of water. I make a point of keeping a few new ones in my bedside table.
As I was in the process of being transferred into my wheelchair, a friend and co-worker, Trish showed up. We had her wait in the hall until I was settled. Believe watching flying through the air is not pretty. Trish and I chatted about work and other things for about until lunch arrived. Trish also passed best wishes from the Giants coaching staff and the Barbie crew.
Norberto in the bed across from me moved out today. Norberto went out like a warrior; he was carried in his ski pants and walked out in his ski pants. I also witnessed something special today. He was originally scheduled to go home to Valencia to spend the holidays with his family in Spain but obviously he had to change his plans. Karen, the resource nurse, invited him to her place for Christmas dinner if he didn’t have anywhere to go. Apparently, she already had a couple of students from Mexico coming over. Norberto's bed was quickly filled by Scott who had just had his should refurbished.
Jennifer, the physio, came in at her regular for my treatment. The students are off until January. She once again had both good news and bad news. She had finally spoken to the Dr. McConkey and he approved the increase in passive motion to 90°. Unfortunately, he didn’t move off the December 21st date for weight bearing and from talking to Jennifer, the idea of being out by Christmas is more than remote. New Year’s may even be out of the question. I would still like to talk to him and get some answers. I just found out earlier today that he doesn’t even normally work out of this hospital that’s why he’s never around. By the way, the 90° motion worked out better than we both expected. There was very little discomfort. In fact, it was an easier transition than it was going to 60°.
Sandi dropped by after Jennifer left and at least she had good news on her front. The powers that be finally found a care home for dad, Art. He will be moving to Lynn Valley tomorrow. I’m happy for her. It’s going to decrease her stress levels so much. I’m sure it will also a bit of relief for the nurses. It’s been a battle for everyone because Art had been so independent before his fall.
After dinner, I received a visit from two of my darling young sweethearts, Allana and Angie. They are both co-workers but more importantly they are both cherished friends. Allana seems to sub in for my niece, Jennifer when it comes to watching out for me especially health wise. Once again, my theory about men being wimpier than women was proved true. Both ladies were anxious to see my braces and my scars. Angie was interested in a professional sense having just completed her nursing course. Allana also was interested in seeing the remnants of my blisters because she got to witness Rob changing the dressing the first time when they looked like balloons ready to burst. Of course, not much could gross out someone who works in a special needs daycare. They were a bit disappointed because they missed meeting Norberto, a good looking Spanish engineer in his thirties. He would be a good catch.
I had to finally kick the girls out because Fellie was waiting patiently and the other patients were starting drift off to sleep.
I finished the day with my regular routine of Rachel, cookie, orange and blue pill.
To be continued...December 13


  1. So glad your co-workers came to visit. You are surrounded by adoring women, it seems. :)

  2. @Nancy - and that's a good thing! ;-)