Sunday, December 16, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 46

Before I begin I would like to send my thoughts and prayers out to all parents and children of Newtown. Connecticut. It will be a long time before the children will feel safe again.
 I only wish there was a simple solution to stop this in the future. I just want to remind everyone that there is more good than evil in the world; just open your eyes and look around you.
Episode 46 – December 15   Apparently it was snowing this morning at least at the height of the sixth floor. I don’t think much hit the ground though.
I slept quite well last night even though I realized that you can hear actually hear an IV dripping. Alex had one going next to me and I could hear a very rhythmic noise within a few feet of my ears.
First thing in the morning as I was completing my exercises, Layla was already waiting with my Benadryl and a sharp stick to poke my finger and make me bleed some more. The readings are still great at 5.9.
Speaking of blood, I notice the vampires don’t bother with me anymore. They stop and grab snacks from everyone else but leave me alone. I guess they’re tired of my hemoglobin.
Katrina is back again as my nurse. At least I knew I was in good hands and I almost made her laugh today.
Dr. McConkey finally dropped in to see me. Actually, he came up to the ward to see Alex in the next bed because he was operating on his ankle today. (It turned out his surgery was postponed until tomorrow because of several emergencies today. He’s been waiting since Thursday) The doc basically said the same thing I heard from the physio and Dr. Haaf. Because a bilateral quad rupture is so rare there are no standard protocols for treatment and he’s erring on the cautious side.
Getting back to Alex and his pizza delivery broken ankle, to no one’s surprise the Pizza Hut he drives for has pulled a dick move that is becoming more popular both here and more so in the US. Instead of hiring him outright, he is considered a contracted driver thus they avoid paying any benefits. He is under the impression that he is not covered by Worksafe. I advised him to talk to Worksafe or even better, a lawyer that specializes in compensation claims.  
My regular wireless service was still not available as late as 3 PM so I’ve been lucky to find the unsecured signal to piggyback last night and all morning today. I will at least give Fatport credit for their customer service. I called this morning just after 8 and a real person answered the phone after one ring and when I started to tell her the problem she immediately asked “Are you at one of the Vancouver Hospitals?” and when she asked my name and email address she said “Oh, I just sent you an email telling you about the problem and that we will issue a credit on your credit card for lost time.”  Unfortunately she couldn’t give me a time frame as to when the techs would likely finish.
The Crown Prince came by just after lunch and replenished my supply of mandarin oranges and brought up a few other supplies. I have to give him credit for sticking around so long every time and chatting and of course, I have to thank him for doing everything. Lorraine did a damn fine job raising him. Actually, it was easy for her she’d just point at me and then say to him “No” ;-)
To show you how brilliant I can be, one of the favours I had asked Bryan to do for me this weekend was to print out a letter I had written to the Payroll department at work. After I emailed it to him I edited the date on my computer. D-oh!!!
Every night since Graciela arrived on the ward just before she goes to sleep she will sing a hymn and then whisper her prayers. This is lovely to hear unfortunately this doesn’t make up for the nasty hacking sounds she lets out all day. Just ask Bryan. ;-)
I just received my new Hydro bill this afternoon and it says I saved 12.3% in electricity over this period last month. 12.3%?!! Who the hell has been using the other 87.7% while I’ve been lying here?!!
I had another surprise visitor after dinner. Andy from work dropped in. Thanks for coming by and making me feel guilty about not coming to see you when you were locked up. Hee hee! Seriously I really appreciated and it was great to talk to you outside of the workplace.
Layla’s back tonight. Upper body happy dance!
Okay, I need all of your creative minds to start working out there. At some point in the near future, I am going to find myself lying by the pool somewhere with a cool adult beverage in hand. I need a good story about the railway tracks on top of both legs from mid-thigh to the top of the knee. The obvious of course, would be a football injury and another would be a bad touch down while skydiving. Actually considering that my injury was bilateral, the skydiving touchdown is more plausible than what really happened. Katheryne so far has come up with the best story so far but I’m not sharing it for a couple of days until I hear back from you. You can either post you ideas on this site if it lets you or on Facebook. The winner will have the privilege of not have to join me for dinner here.
To be continued...


  1. Given the unpredicted success of the 50 shades of grey trilogy, I'm thinking a trapeze failure whilst attempting some naughty act might just get you some added attention from those who will be serving you those adult beverages!!