Saturday, December 15, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 45

Episode 45 – December 14 – Today begins the start of week 7, according to the surgeon’s calendar who by the way I still haven’t heard from since last Friday.
Last was a bad one for sleep for some reason. I kept waking up every two hours or so. I finally gave up trying and started my exercise regime at 5:30.
The first part of the morning started out well with Felly anticipating my need for more Benadryl and Wilson, the Kwantlen College reading my glucose level at 6.0. I even drew Katrina as my day nurse. I had a few days ago and although she might not be that personable but  she is great for anticipating my needs.
Dr. Haaf came in today and he had spoken to both Dr. McConkey and Jennifer, the physio and it still looks like they won’t be moving off the December 21 date for starting on my weight bearing. It is now 99.9% certain that I will be here over Christmas. The day pass idea was brought up again but logistically it wouldn’t work and I would probably be miserable sitting in a corner in my wheelchair.
It’s Friday so that very strange little old lady volunteer made her weekly appearance. She sometimes comes in with copies of the North Shore News, other times she comes and says hello and just sort of lurks there while I’m writing then does the same at other beds. She kind of creeps me out.
Allison in the bed next to me was discharged and on her way home by eleven and was replaced by Alexander, pre-op leg fracture within the hour. He broke it while delivering pizza. I really should look back and figure how many people have gone through here while I’ve been here vegetating.
The bad stuff started after Katrina got into my wheelchair. Earlier I had discussed a problem I was having while sitting the chair with Mave, the occupational therapist. After about an hour my tailbone would start to feel pain like it was bruised. She made a few changes to the cushioning so I would sit up straighter and it seemed to be working initially but the pain was back in spades after about 45 minutes. By the time I got back into bed, I could hardly sit and I was feeling ill. I had Katrina bring me a Gravol and I tried rolling slightly on my left side and drifted off a bit. In about 30 minutes, I was feeling better and the pain was gone. This is another reason that the day pass wouldn’t work.
T o make matters worse, there was something going on with my wireless server, Fatport, and I could not connect to their login page. Any link I tried on both Explorer and Chrome came back as “ERROR: Not Found – Resource temporarily unavailable”. At the time of writing “temporary” has been over seven hours. The only site that I could bring up is Fatport’s information page and I left a few voicemails at their Helpdesk and even sent an email via their contact page.
Jenny, the rehab student, came in and  ran me through my active leg exercises and an abbreviated session of passive motion because she had to see her course advisor for a review, today being the end of her term.
Jennifer, the physio came in to see me and went over the plans for my rehab next week and the said she would see me on Monday and finished with “Have a n*** weekend!” She was gone before I could reply. Weekend?! What’s a weekend? Every day is Groundhog Day for me!
Scott from the bed across from finally received the go ahead from his doctor to check out around 4 PM and he cleared out as quickly as possible heading for the ferry back to Robert’s Creek. He had had enough of hospital life after one night. Shoulder repairs don’t need a lot of in-house rehab.
Of course, just because everything was going so well, it was obvious that I wouldn’t receive a visit from the dinner fairy and this being Friday I had a good guess what I was getting. Yep, it was fish and it was as bad as ever.
As much as sing the praises of Katrina’s efficiency her one bad habit is she doesn’t turn off the tap all the way. Drip...drip...drip! The horror!! The horror!
I did try to do some reading but feeling as run down as I was today it was slow going.
Layla was back as my night nurse so I was in luck that way. She was just the one I needed tonight to lift my spirits. 
I did manage to connect to a stray unsecured wireless signal to at least post yesterday’s journal entry and hopefully I can get my problem with the server looked after.
Just a note to those that have been asking my little blue sleeping pill is Zopiclone 7.5 mg.
To be continued...

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