Sunday, December 2, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 32

...when we last left our hero he was tied to a bed...
Episode 32 – December 1 – Today was the first day of a new month and I’m more than glad to put the entire month of November behind. The one good thing about being here is I missed all the fabulous November Rain (Sorry I couldn’t resist this link.) and the forecast is for more of the same for the next week. If you remember, I did get to enjoy the lovely rain on Halloween night. ;-)
Today was also World Aids Awareness Day and hopefully there will be no need for such a day by the end of the decade.
I had another good night’s sleep and I was up at 5:30 to do my exercises and look forward to the weekend. Oh wait...weekends haven’t been meant anything to me for about five years. Actually for retired or semi-retired people weekends are a pain in the ass. Green fees are more expensive and the grocery stores are crowded. In fact my part-time work schedule usually involves weekends. Oh well, that’s the price I pay for being in showbiz. ;-)
Just before shift change both Denise and Esther who were working on the other end of the sixth floor both popped by to see how I was doing. It was already starting out to be a good day. Rosita made it better when she checked my glucose level and it was back down to 6.0.
My day nurse for the beginning of the shift was Natasha, the serial killer freak. She seemed very efficient and quite n*** but I’m not sure I was all that comfortable with her sticking a needle in my belly. Hee hee!
Barb who I spoke of in earlier episodes took over for Natasha at around 9:30. She seemed much more on the ball than the last time she looked after me.
Shortly, after 9:30, my friend, Janice dropped by with a coffee and a muffin. She was in awe of my new snakeskin boots until she realized that they were actually my own feet. She immediately gloved up and started applying lotion to my feet. They looked much better but could still use that belt sander treatment.
While reading the Vancouver Sun this I discovered two real cool stories and one vomit inducing piece of shite. We will start with the excrement. The Sun did a story on the twenty most popular charities in BC. They actually classified that conservative bullshit machine, the Fraser Institute as a charity and wrote a glowing piece of trash about it. I damn near tossed my breakfast reading it but then again that may have not been that big of a disaster.
The first good story was in all places, the business section. There was a story about the Equitable Real Estate and their foundation set up to preserve several Vancouver Heritage buildings.
The coolest story though was about the BC Archives who have in conjunction with the Mormon Church have made a number of vital statistics certificates available online. I was able to find my paternal grandparents’ marriage certificate on line. So effing sweet!
I’m getting pretty good at spotting certain Midlands accents. I questioned one of the nurses about her place of origin. She asked me to guess and I called the Liverpool/Manchester area and was on the money. It was a small town in Leicester.
I’m really getting into “The Franchise” series about the 2011 San Francisco Giants and each new episode convinces me more that Brian Wilson ain’t quite right in the head but he makes baseball so much more fun. Episode 5 was great because it was when they made the traditional visit to the White House and leading the standing ovation were Nancy Pelosi and DianeFeinstein and President Obama was presenting with an autographed #44 jersey by none other than the most famous Giant of all time, Willie Mays.
The ambulance service came and picked Anne, the 100 year old to take her back to Squamish General Hospital. Within the hour she was replaced by an Iranian woman. Oddly, people nattering away in a foreign tongue is actually less distracting than people speaking English. It becomes strictly background noise because I’m not picking up parts of the conversation.
Either I’m getting use to the heat in this room or it may be a bit cooler in here. I suspect it may be a combination of both due to the cooler wet weather outside.
I received another visit from Sandi and she sat and chatted for a bit. She was definitely in better spirits today.
The Crown Prince dropped by this afternoon to bring me my mail which after going through I promptly gave it back to him to take home with the exception of some insurance documents and such that I needed to go over. We chatted for over an about his job and several other things before left in search of some real dinner. Hey, I would have offered to share mine.( It was ham so it was not too bad) The best thing about him today is he shaved off that mediocre moustache today.
While Bryan was still there, Marguerite in the next bed called for the nurse and asked to be taken out of her chair and put back to bed. She requires the overhead lift as well. The nurse told her that it was better if she waited until after dinner because dinner was almost here. I called bullshit on that because it  was ten to five and dinner at the earliest wouldn’t be until 5:30. The last time they used that bit, Marguerite didn’t get back into bed until after the shift change at 7:30. I called as well go back to bed tand Nelson, another nurse came and tried the same line on me but I stood firm citing all the above points. He made me a deal that regardless he would promised he would have me back in bed between 5:30 and 6 when all the nurses were back from break. He held true to his word and I was back in bed at 5:30 and I made sure they got Marguerite back in bed as well. It sometimes pays to be bitchy. I should point out that dinner didn’t arrive until ten to six and we would have likely been there longer because they brought Inez in the bed across from me and a few others down back from surgery during this period so all the nursing resources were tied up with that.
My day continued rolling along on a positive note when I received an email from BC Hydro’s Powersmart program notifying me that I had qualified for a $75.00 rebate for the second year a row by reducing my electricity usage by 10%. Considering my monthly bill is only $39 that’s a decent rebate. It may be tough to do it again next year without sitting in the dark all year but I should get a headstart considering I won’t be home most of December and I won’t have my Christmas lights up at all.
It’s been awhile but the toast burner  at Evergreen struck again after dinner and another annoying code red was called. It must really piss off the firefighters having to gear up and run the trucks across the street every time this happens.
I drew another pool nurse, Ellen for the night shift. It actually appears the entire shift of nurses appears to be from the pool and there were no regular nurses working on 6 west.
But the cookies and roasted peanuts were so good! Oh, crap! I’m out of both. ;-(
At least the damn tap wasn’t dripping.
To be continued...

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