Saturday, November 24, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 24

...please pay attention, some of this could very well be on the final exam...
Episode 24 – November 23 – Today pretty much started the way last night ended. At around 3:30, Stephanie, in the bed across from me, started to have pain and other issues from her post-op. For some reason the nurses had to turn on the overhead lights for the whole room. This woke me with a start and I was never able to get back to a complete slumber. Of course, it didn’t help that there was a patient down the hall screaming out random names all night.
By 5 AM I made the decision to go through my bed exercise routine. I quite often joke about this being my prison cell and when I’m doing my crunches and pull ups it always brings to mind every prison movie where the guy in solitary is constantly doing exercises in his cell.
At around 6, my left ankle started to twinge so I called Rosita. She told me that I wasn’t due for more indomecin, my gout medication, for at least two hours so she packed the ankle in ice and that seemed to help.
Breakfast came and went and there’s no point discussing it any further.
Barb is my day nurse again today. So far she has impressed me as a bit of an airhead especially being that she has been in the profession for years. She is the exact opposite of Denise who is probably the same age and been doing the job for about the same length of time. Denise is extremely resourceful and knows how to cut corners. I have to explain everything about my treatment to Barb to make sure it is done correctly. Today, I had to remind her to give me my blood thinner shot. She was almost insistent that she already had because she had written it in the chart. I’m pretty sure I’d remember being stabbed in the gut. She is one of those dim people that have absolutely no sense of humour.
The best thing about Barb is she is not Sergio. In fact, I think she’s on our floor to fill in for him because he’s off on sick. I hope he makes out okay with his struggles but I don’t want him back as my nurse.
So before lunch, Barb insisted I get up into my wheelchair. Actually, I promised her I would yesterday when I refused to do it. Of course, I had to direct the action. There were two nurses, one student  and Haney, the nurse’s aide there for the transfer. The joke is Haney who technically is the low person on the totem pole was the only one that had any clue about what had to be done. I didn’t even bother to ask about using the controls because Barb wouldn’t have been able to make that kind of a decision.
After getting into the chair, Barb asked me “Are you sure you don’t want to go down to the sun room for a change of scenery?” The answer in the back of my mind was “Yes, it would be so delightful to go sit in a corner of a room full of old incoherent sick people and watch The Price is Right.” No, I think I will be quite contented to stay here in my own little isolated dream world and escape into my laptop.
Speaking of Haney, I forgot to mention the other day when her and Rosita were discussing my nails she piped in with “my husband likes me to do his in purple.” See I’m not the only weird guy out there. And weird is good any way.
Lunch was pretty decent; navy bean soup and a potato and tomato frittata.
Being the only normally coherent person in the room I’ve become the resource person keeping track of the comings of goings of staff and equipment for everyone. Also because I am one of the few coherent patients on the floor all the staff that are proficient in English stop by and chat.
The most helpful people today have been the Kwantlen and BCIT students along with Haney. Unfortunately none of them can hand out the goodies and take any direct action.
While still sitting up in the chair, Dr. Haaf called to let me know he wasn’t coming in today so we discussed making sure my gout medication was properly charted so I would have it available as required. Apparently, it was on the list on my chart originally along with the Benadryl but the surgeon deleted it because he thought it would interfere with all the post-op drugs and it never got put back on until now. I also spoke to him about the physio orders and they seemed a bit conservative as well. The other thing id he had to point the order out to the physios or they would likely never even looked at all yesterday. While writing this it dawned on me too late that I didn’t even see a physio at all today.
So when Barb started to organize my transfer and I kept instructing everyone she facetiously handed me the control and said I could do the lifting. I did it with ease and she said I should do it myself in the future. I told her I had already been doing for two weeks and she asked why I didn’t tell her. I bit my tongue so I didn’t tell her she was too ditzy to understand.
I spent the rest of the afternoon watching another of the anime movies the Crown Prince brought up “Howl’s Moving Castle” another Disney/Ghibli Studios collaboration. I quite enjoyed it even if the story line was a bit strange.
Dinner was a disaster. I decided to order the baked fish. Not only did it look gross rolled up like a giant snail; the taste was even worse. They threw in a bonus tonight, red diet jello. I got seasick just cutting into it. It’s a wonderful dinner when the best thing on the tray is the chopped spinach.
So Bodi moved out back to Gibson’s. Actually under different circumstances he would have probably be an interesting person to talk with because of all his travels. A new guy, Harry moved in around 7:30 so more post op chaos; another knee replacement dude.
Rosita was my night nurse again and the first thing she did was pack my ankle in ice to get the swelling from the gout down.
I managed to read a few pages from my book and let my evening cocktail take me away.
And someone left the damn tap dripping again!
To be continued...

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