Monday, November 12, 2012

How I Spent My “Fall” Vacation – Episode 12

...Are you ready to continue? Then let’s begin...
Episode 12 – November 11 - I had a mediocre sleep last night; everyone in the ward seemed to be snoring or talking in their sleep. I believe I will start taking advantage of the sleeping pill that Denise arranged for me.
By 5 AM I was so awake that I figured it would be a good use of time to do my upper body bed exercises my physiotherapist gave me.
The other day when transferring into the wheelchair, neither the therapists or myself could figure out why my left ankle was so swollen and sore and lacking in range of motion compared to my right ankle which normally is the swollen one due to so many sprains and twists over the years. I told Fellie about this and she looks at me and asks “Have you ever had gout?” Hmm...gout...yes, I do have it and it effects my right wrist, my right big toe and my left ankle. D-oh!! *head slap*
Denise and Sam were the day nurses for our ward and popped in to get the day going.
Art decided he wanted to make a nuisance off himself and kept pulling the curtains and I had to keep using my trusty reacher until he gave up the fight.
My dread from the night before was not unfounded. Breakfast came and for sure it was cream of wheat and an effing banana!
It’s Remembrance Day and the local veteran’s parade came past the hospital and I could hear the skirl of the pipes under my window. The sound of bagpipes always gets my Celtic blood flowing and rumour has it I may have had a thing for a piper or two in my past.
Shortly after the parade passed there was a low altitude flyby of fighter jets from CFB Comox. I couldn’t see them but I sure could feel them from my bed.
Denise came by with a little cup of my morning, which consisted of five pills, I mentioned I was out of water and she joked “What can’t you dry swallow that lot?” Well that sounded like a dare so you know I couldn’t let it go unheeded. I promptly gulped down the chemical cocktail. Denise walked back in with the water and she saw this big grin on my face. She laughed and threatened to kill me next time I tried that. She then took revenge by poking with a needle in my gut for my blood thinners.
I am happy to say that the side effects of the codeine have worn off, I’m not sure Denise was thrilled about that. My big goal in my rehab is the day I can walk those fifteen feet across the ward into the washroom.
Lunch made up for breakfast. Although it’s not saying much, it was the best meal to date and came without a visit from the food service fairy. It consisted of a simple omelette with whole wheat toast and chicken orzo soup that was so hardy, full of chicken and vegetables that I actually to use a spoon rather than sipping it which is normally easier considering the angle I have eat. To picture the angle go back to the days of carhop service at White Spot where the cross car tray would force you to reach up and forward to eat your food.
Today is Art’s 89th birthday and of course there was a parade of people in and out with Sandi holding court and pouring scotch (She did offer a snort but I thought it would be prudent not to.) All the noise made it a little hard to read or write but the real irritating thing was that one family member brought one of those singing cards that played “Celebrate” by Kool & the Gang and everyone had to open it several times each. By her own admission Sandi by the end of the was a bit in her cups and even way to perky even for her own way too perky self.
I finally found out Art’s disposition. He is just here waiting for a placement in a long term care facility because realistically his condition will never improve. The other mystery is why the nurses have to put Art’s teeth in every morning before breakfast because all his meals are pureed because he can’t chew or swallow properly.
Denise rewashed my hair with the no-rinse shampoo and did a much better job at it. It feels almost human again.
The Crown Prince dropped by on his way back to Langley, I loved that he came but unfortunately I was at a low point in my energy levels and I found my concentration levels were waning. I know he wanted to hear “Celebrate” at least one more time.
At around three Sam came in and told Bill that an ambulance will be here soon to transfer him the St. Mary’s in Gibsons so she was going to have to get him packed up and ready to move. He was on his way home. God speed, Bill.  I guess that means Emergency will be sending us a new ward mate within the day.
Either I’m getting used to it but I actually enjoyed another meal. This time I did take advantage of the food fairy and ordered roast pork, garlic potatoes and mixed vegetables. The pork was substantive enough to at least where I needed a knife to assist the fork in pulling it apart.
I received a couple more notes of encourage from friends dating back to elementary, Ray, a classmate and Daryl, my grade 5 teacher.
Regina was my night nurse so on advice of Denise I asked for the sleeping pill that was allowed on my chart and it was off to dream land.
Alas there had been no evening visit from the food fairy. Crap.
And that effing tap is dripping again!!
To be continued...

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  1. Make sure you take advantage of that sleeping pill every night while you are there.... NOTHING will help you heal faster than good rest, a good belly laugh, and the company of good friends..... not necessarily in that order! Keep healing, my friend!